AND THE ICE EPOCH                                by DONALD W. PATTEN
A Study in Scientific History


THIS IS TO EXPRESS MY THANKS to those friends who have given so much help and encouragement with this book. I owe much to:

Mr. Guilford Martin, classmate in college at Montana State University, who gave me the first New Testament I was privileged to read, and who showed me both the nature and the application of the teachings therein.

Dr. C. William deCeault, mathematician and space scientist with the Boeing Airplane Company, who rendered much help and encouragement, and who gave freely of his talents and time as a scientific reader.

Mrs. Emma Hale, owner of the Chieftain Press, who helped in the technical organization of this book.



The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch

It takes a great deal of humility to share one's rudimentary concepts with his fellowmen. The risk of error or the embarrassment of retraction extract too much from one's reserve of pride to warrant the effort. But for those to whom a devotion to discovery, and a search for understanding spark life and bring awakeness, the jeopardy of premature exposure of ideas merely serves to test the fabric of faith and the sincerity of intellect. Mr. Patten's devotion and search are as bold as his faith and intellect arc real.

To capture the essence of the author's thoughts, one will find paragraphs more significant than sentences, chapters more meaningful than the paragraphs that compose them, and the collection of chapters, the thrust of the book, more penetrating than any sub-collection of chapters.

The author considers in detail the physical context in which animal and plant life were embedded throughout the Great Flood recorded in Genesis, as well as a postulated cosmic catastrophe in which the deposition of ice on Earth was made manifest.

Microscopic disturbances of the human glandular system are traced concomitantly with the macroscopic disturbances of the solar system. The author directs attention to the grand anatomy of mountains and the petit structure of the atmosphere.

The variety of subjects treated in context should invite study and comment from an equal variety of disciplines.

Other than for reasons of personal curiosity and academic inquiry and stimulation, one might wonder why the author occupies himself with an incident in Earth history. With rapid technological and social evolution welding the days of the present into a rigid irreversible history, with the hope and anxiety over the future dimmed by the apprehension of a nuclear miscalculation, why the concern with Earth history?

If Mr. Patten's book concerned only Earth history, the question would be valid; but this is not the case. Indeed, the book is bound together with the signature of fundamental Christian faith, the author's creed. The book is a vehicle for the mission of the fundamental Christian belief; it contends that the Bible is not only a reliable record of history, but also the foundation and substance of the future.

C. W. deCeault
February 1966


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