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Rev. Walter Lang  (1913-2004)

"Two Decades of Creationism"  by Walter Lang,
©1984 Bible-Science Association - 100 pages

"Genesis and Science" by Walter Lang,
©1982 Bible-Science Association - 52 pages
Gênesis e Ciência - 34 Pgs. (PORTUGUESE)
(Translated into Portuguese by Mr. Dalvo Scarpa)

"Colossians and Science:  A Total Christ"  by Walter Lang,
©1989 (Publ. by Author) - 32 pages

"Job and Science" (Specific Chapters)  by Walter Lang,
©1992 Genesis Institute - about 80 pages (thus far, of the 540 total)

Bible-Science Newsletter (Specific Articles) 
Edited by Walter Lang,  from the 1960s and 70s.

The MP3 recordings below are based upon Biblical Creationism, i.e. starting from the Bible as the foremost authority.

These first two sections (45 min. each) are from a teaching tape by Reverend Walter Lang, given in 1987.  It is partially in question-answer format - and discusses a wide range of interesting biblical creation topics! Rev. Lang is the founder of both the "Bible Science Association" and later of "The Genesis Institute."

"The Difference Between Creation and Preservation"
by Walter Lang  -  MP3 Audio Teaching Recording

LangPreservationCreation1of2_45min.mp3        Part 1        10.8 MB
LangPreservationCreation2of2_43min.mp3        Part 2        9.7 MB

"Isaiah and Science"
by Walter Lang  -  MP3 Audio Teaching; message from 1983

LangIsaiahScience_44min.mp3        Part 1        5.0 MB

"The Significance of Mutations"
by Walter Lang  -  MP3 Audio Teaching; message from 1987

LangMutations_44min.mp3        Part 1        5.5 MB

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