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 Doctor:  Did you take those pills I gave you to improve your memory?
 Patient:  What pills?

A man walked into a chemist's and asked, "Do you have any acetylsalicylic acid?"
"You mean, aspirin?" asked the pharmacist.
"That's it!  I can never remember the word."


  No. 72
History in Stone
Millions of fossils have been unearthed all around the world. What do they tell us about life on Earth?
Buried Alive!
Flight: A Good "Test Case"
"Missing Links" Problem
In the News: Life from Space?
Fossils Don't Come Date-Stamped
Well Designed: The Glass-Knife Fish
The REAL Fossil Story

  No. 71
Improbable or Impossible
For a microbe to turn into a person instantly - that would be the stuff of magic. But for it to happen over millions of years, well, that's supposed to be science.
Step by Step?
Orchids’ Clever Design
In the News: Aquatic Ape Theory
Climbing Evolution’s Mountain
Not so Lucky!
Well Designed: The Titan Arum
The Time Illusion

  No. 70
Science and God: Is There a Conflict?
Where did the popular myth that real scientists can't believe in God and the Bible come from?
God and the Astronomers
Louis Pasteur and the Origin of Life
Biologist Who Ditched Evolution
In the News: Wonders of the Web
Rock Solid Evidence?
   ... Bible-believing Geologists
Well Designed: The Kingfisher
Case of the Two Jerrys

  No. 69
"Age of Dinosaurs" Myth
There is abundant fossil evidence that most modern groups co-existed with the dinosaurs.
The Early Birds Catch the Evolutionists
Hopping with Dinosaurs
In the News: "Junk DNA" Not Junk
Experiment Refutes Evolution
Well Designed: The Humpback Whale
A Serious Challenge

  No. 66
Does Design = A Designer?
A fierce debate is raging between evolutionary scientists and scientists who believe in intelligent design (I.D.).
Design vs. Evolution Case Studies
In the News: Learning from Woodpeckers
Convinced by the Evidence!
Well Designed: Namib Desert Beetles
Follow the Evidence!

  No. 65
The Bible Stands!
The Bible has been attacked and ridiculed by sceptics and atheists for centuries. But it stands unscathed, and remains the best-selling book in the world.
Science in the Bible
The ‘Flat Earth’ Myth
In the News: Building a Brain
Digging up Bible History: Prophecy
Well Designed: Shrimps and Gobies
A Book to be Trusted

  No. 64
Why Haven't They Evolved?
Most people think of evolution as a process of continuous change over time. The popular image is of an “evolutionary tree”. So it comes as a surprise to many people that many organisms have remained virtually the same down through time.
Creatures and Plants Defy Evolution
Bee-Brains Beat Computers
Well Designed: The Star-Nosed Mole
An Unchanging God

  No. 63
Evolution's Vanishing Evidence
Many of the supposed evidences for evolution have turned out to be false. These include Darwin’s “Tree of Life,” Peppered Moths, recapitulation theory and vestigial organs.
Moths and Fruit Flies
Homology and Finches
In the News: Life from Space?
Gill-Slits, Tails and ‘Useless Leftovers’.
Well Designed: The Gecko
Evidence Matters!

  No. 62
History Refutes Evolution!
If “anatomically modern humans” — intelligent people with brains like ours — were really living on earth for that length of time, then this would mean that it took them around 190,000 years to advance beyond using stone tools!
From ‘The Rocket’ to the Shuttle
Origin of Farming
In the News: ‘Life’ Experiment Proves Intelligent Design!
What About “Primitive” People?
Stone Age Problems
Well Designed: Fig Trees and Wasps
Facts Fit Bible History

  No. 61
Why Are Humans Religious?
Human beings, unlike any other living creature, are incurably religious. Wherever people live, whether in modern cities or remote jungle villages, you will find some kind of belief in the supernatural.
Atheists in Denial
Children are “Born Believers”
In the News: Dinosaur Origins
Is Death the End?
Well Designed: The Toucan
A Faith Worth Having; A Life Worth Living!

  No. 60
Beauty Refutes Evolution!
Can evolution explain the origin and purpose of beauty? The theory says that every step in the process has to be of use to the organism. Things don’t need to be beautiful to survive, so the fact that so many things are beautiful is strong evidence for design.
What is “Added Beauty”?
The Beauty of Birdsong
Tale of the Missing Link (Lemur!)
Hidden Beauty
Well Designed: Mantis Shrimps
Beauty and the Beast

  No. 59
Did Dinosaurs Take Flight?
According to some evolutionists dinosaurs didn’t die out — they evolved into birds!
Dinos-to-Birds: It Doesn't Add Up!
Scales Into Feathers?
"Moth-Eaten" Theory Revived
Doubts About Dates
Well Designed: The Cuttlefish
The Design of the Dinos

  No. 58
Searching for Other Worlds
NASA has launched a new space mission called Kepler. It’s aim? “Finding Earth-size and smaller planets around other stars.” Will it succeed?
Getting the Message
Oceans of Speculation
New-found Galaxies Upset Theories
Does water = Life?
Well Designed: Cicadas
There is Someone There!

  No. 57
Book That Changed the World
In 2009, Charles Darwin’s fans celebrated the 200th anniversary of his birth, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species — a book which, without doubt, changed the world.
Darwin “Borrowed” Others’ Ideas
Do You Have a Pet Wolf?
Did Life Start in Volcanoes?
Darwin’s Pigeon Loft
Sea Cucumbers
Another World-Changing Book!

  No. 56
Many Mammals
Mammals come in many different shapes and sizes. Although most live on land, some are aquatic, and one kind can fly.
Ear, Hair and Milk Problems
“Super-Earths” Found?
Gen & Ev Comics
A Whale of a Tale!
Well Designed: Weaverbirds
Are They Afraid to Believe in a Creator?

  No. 55
Finely Tuned - The Earth
Do we take Planet Earth for granted? Or do we ever stop to consider just how wonderfully unique it is?
No Place Like Home!
Lucky Fluke or Grand Design?
Destroying our Planet’s Lungs; Rain-Forests
Unanswered Questions About Origins
Many Moons - But Only One is Right For Us!
Well Designed: Backswimmers

Divine Designs?  © GOD
Why do scientists copy nature’s designs, but claim the originals, which are much better, had no designer?
Hydraulics and Shock-Absorbers
Fleas’ Giant Leap
Our Sun is No “Normal” Star
How to Stick Around
Well Designed: The Boxfish
God (not Nature) Did it First!

  No. 53
Beware the Evolution "Thought Police"!
Some people live in countries where any criticism of certain beliefs is treated as a crime.
Don’t Mention It!
Daring to Doubt Darwin!
Gen & Ev Comics
Walking in the Trees
Facts Evolutionists Don't Want You to Know
The Giant Panda
Think for Yourself

  No. 52
One in the Eye Against Evolution
Eyes are wonderful organs that enable us to see the world around us. The origin of eyes poses a serious problem for those who believe in evolution.
Darwin’s Eye Trouble
The Pigeons’ Secret
Eyes Galore!
The Anableps
Two Kinds of Sight
Evolutionists Avoid the Real Challenge

  No. 51
Charles Darwin's "Abominable Mystery"
“Think of a world without any flowers”. But with more than 300,000 species of flowering plants now on earth, such a world is difficult to imagine.
Gaps in Plant Evolution Story
Dinosaur Food
Astonishing Arctic Graveyard
Fossil Pollen Undermines Theory
The Dolphin’s Secret
Saying It With Flowers

  No. 50
Who Do You Think You Are?
Evolutionists tell us that we have all descended from ape-like ancestors. The facts may surprise you!
‘Lucy’: A Male Ape?
Not "Ape-Men" After All
Gen & Ev Comic
Ducking the Truth
What About Cave-People?
Amazing Eels
A Great Gulf

  No. 49
Origin of Life Mystery
Maybe - in a warm pond; the deep ocean; in outer space; or on a far-off planet - a few of the places where scientists have suggested that life may have begun.
Spontaneous Generation Myth
Evolution in Reverse?
Life from Outer Space?
Believing the Impossible...
Emperor Penguins
What is Life?

  No. 48
Intelligent People Believe in Design
Telling the difference between things which have been designed and things that are the result of chance, natural processes is simply a matter of logic. We all recognise design when we see it.
Getting the Message
Design Argument Grows
The Gorilla With the Stick
Elephants - Pack the Trunk
Notable Quotes
Meet the Designer!

  No. 47
Evolution's Fantasy Creatures
Evolutionists believe that life started out “simple”, but over many millions of years things gradually changed from single-celled organisms, through invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles, to birds, mammals, and human beings.
A “Batty” Idea
Not a Bit Like a Whale!
Problems With Fins & Wings
The Woodpecker
Check Out the Facts

  No. 46
Has the 'Big Bang' Burst?
Scientists say there's no evidence it ever happened! First of all there was nothing, then it exploded! That’s the big bang theory.
A Big Faith in Nothing!
Galaxy Origin Puzzle
Time's Magic Wand
The Butterfly’s Lifecycle
Sand and Stars
The Venus Flytrap
It's Against the Law!

  No. 45
Killing a Modern Myth
Surely all scientists believe in evolution? Isn’t belief in God and the Bible unscientific? That’s the myth. Here are the facts:
Don't Be Intimidated!
Clear Thinking Needed
What is Science?
Men of Science: Men of God
The Hermit Crab
Gen & Ev Cartoon

  No. 44
Getting Together
Evolutionists have a real problem trying to explain how sexual reproduction began. All living things have to be able to reproduce.
When One is Enough
An Unlikely Get-Together
The Maker's Instructions - Marriage
What Made Darwin Sick?
The African Gazelle
A Closer Look: At Fish Evolution

  No. 42
Faith in Missing Fossils
Ever since Charles Darwin first made evolution popular evolutionists have found the fossil record to be an embarrassment.
The Fossils Say: No!
The Origin of Feathers
Well Designed: The Armadillo
What Fossil Progression?
The Real Missing Link
FARM: Fish-Amphibian-Reptile-Mammal

  No. 41
Getting Informed
Every second we are awake a continuous flow of information is being processed by our brains. It comes to us in the form of written or spoken words, and in tastes, smells and images.
Information, Information.....
What Comes Out Must First Go In!
Information Without Words
A Closer Look at Evolution: Ears
The DNA Information That Made You
The Giraffe
Do You Get the Message?

  No. 40
Measuring Earth-Time
How do they measure these long periods of time? Doesn’t it make sense to ask some serious questions before we accept these claims?
Upside-Down Time
Fast Fossils
Marine Reptiles
If at First You Don't Succeed...
Dating Problems
Well Designed: The Beaver
Take Time to Think!

  No. 38
Chance Or God?
Scientists who reject belief in a Creator don't like the idea that the universe had a beginning, because they then have to consider the question: ‘How did it begin?'
Running Down and Wearing Out!
A Closer Look at Evolution: Natural & Artificial Selection
The Twin Towers and Creation
Natural and Artificial Selection
Well Designed: The Sloth
A Super-Computer to Copy Nature?
Why Did God Allow It?

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