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  No. 110
Feet: Made For Walking!
Unlike the feet of apes, our feet are designed so that we can walk upright. A human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 1,200 muscles.
Ape with Human Feet?
Feet Galore!
Nature Notes: Animals that Store Food
‘Walking Fish’ doesn’t prove Evolution!
We need our Arches!
Puzzle Corner
Weird & Wonderful: The Spade-foot Toad
Walking the Road of Life

  No. 109
Our Special Home
Is it an accident that our Planet is so special or did God design it as a home for us?
Earth: Designed for Living!
Man-made Mini-world
Nature Notes: Seeds a Good Day!
Puzzle Corner: Jumbled Words
Weird and Wonderful: The Caddisfly
Special because we are Special

  No. 108
It's Not Only Birds that Fly!
So do some mammals, insects, and even fish. Some reptiles did in the past, too.
Bats: Amazing Flying Machines
Fish that Fly
Glider Inspired by Birds
A Great Achievement: Human Flight
Nature Notes: Dragons of the Air
Expert Flyers - Insects
Weird and Wonderful: The Foam-nest Tree Frog

  No. 107
Our Amazing Ancestors
The facts show that humans have been clever and creative from the very beginning!
Ancient Seafarers
2,000 Year-old Computer: Antikythera Device
Nature Notes: Autumn Leaves
How Did They do it? Pyramids
Weird and Wonderful: Quails
Our True Civilized History

  No. 106
God's History Book
God was there when it all happened, so we can trust what the Bible tells us about the history of the world.
Why Do Bad Things Happen?
Two Different Stories
Nature Notes: Eggs
What went Wrong? Earthquakes
Weird and Wonderful: The Bowerbird
You are Not a Robot!
How Did It All Begin?

  No. 105
The Human Family
All different but equal! There is a wonderful variety in the human family.
Evolution and Racism
Nature Notes: Potter Wasps
The Shame of Slavery
Treated as Animals
There are No "Primitive" People
Weird and Wonderful: Woolly Bear
You are Unique!

  No. 104
How We Know Creation is Really True!
Did all life on Earth come through millions of years of gradual evolution?
The Truth About Myths
Information = Intelligence
Dogs Will Always Be Dogs
Nature Notes: Bees
Why Pigs Won’t Fly
The Namib Desert Beetle
Can Tiny Changes Add Up to Big Changes?
Getting the Message

  No. 103
The Fish of the Sea
There are thousands of different kinds of fish in the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers.
Wonderful Variety of Fish
Nature Notes: Seagulls
Did Fish Evolve? What from?
Glands to Handle Salt Water
Fossil Fish Facts
Mouth-Brooder Fish
God Loves Variety!

  No. 102
Dragons Alive!
All over the world there are stories about dragons. Could they have been dinosaurs?
Dino Art!
Did People Walk with Dinosaurs?
Nature Notes: Silk Makers
Dinosaur Blood and Graveyards
Terrible Lizards
British &: French Dragons
Komodo Dragons
Dinosaurs and Creation

  No. 101
The Wonderful World of Plants
We find lots of plants everywhere — in the sea and on the land.
God, Our Generous Creator
Clever Plants!
Nature Notes: Ant Farmers
Forests that Bring Life
Plants: The Evolution Story
The Bombardier Beetle
Forbidden Tree that Brought Ruin

  No. 100
Don't Let Them Make a Monkey of You!
They often tell us we are related to monkeys and apes, but this is only a story, not science.
Hoaxes and Pig’s Teeth — But No “Ape-Men”
Bone Puzzles
Lucy Was No Lady!
Nature Notes: Sticky Seeds
What About Cave-People?
Flying Dragons
The "Piltdown Man" Hoax
You Didn’t Evolve — God Made You!

  No. 99
The Real Lost World
Long ago there were giant animals and plants, and lush forests grew where there is now only snow and ice.
Giant Insects in Fossil Record
Streams in the Desert
Nature Notes: Cacti
From Trees to Coal
In Genesis - Living for More Than 900 Years!
The Marsupial Mole
Lost World – New World

  No. 98
Nature's Amazing Travellers
How do birds, insects, fish and many other creatures manage to find their way over long distances?
Monarch’s Marathon
Nature Notes: Rock Pools
Fantastic Flyers
Puzzle Corner
The Mayfly
Finding the Way - Directions
Incredible Migrations

  No. 97
The Sun: The Star We Can't Live Without!
The Sun was specially designed to enable us to live on Earth; no life could exist without it.
The Wonder of an Eclipse
Nature Notes: Bird Formations
God Made the Earth First!
The Earth is Not a Chunk Off the Sun
Capturing the Sun's Energy
Weird and Wonderful: The Grunion
God’s Son Gives Light and Life!

  No. 96
The Wonder of Water
Do we realize just how wonderful water is, and how fortunate we are to have so much of it?
In the beginning was - Water!
Nature Notes: Surface tension
Water: A Precious Liquid!
Three Forms of Water
Our Blue Planet
The Camel
God was Pleased!
Water of Life

  No. 95
Masters of Disguise
Many creatures have clever ways of disguising or hiding themselves?
Plants That Fool Insects
Nature Notes: Rain
Please Leave Us Alone!
Chamelions' Fast Colour Change
Puzzle Corner
Weird and Wonderful: The Skunk Cabbage
God was Pleased!

  No. 94
You Are Wonderfully Made
Your body has millions of parts that work together to enable you to live, move and grow.
Made for Walking!
Nature Notes: Bird Song
Is This All You are?
A Tiny Beginning
Blood: Red River of Life
Weird and Wonderful: The Dipper Bird
A New Body

  No. 93
Charles Darwin's Wrong Idea
Did Charles Darwin really prove that the Bible's story of creation is untrue?
Evolution? Darwin Didn’t See It On the Galapagos!
Nature Notes: Daisies
Evolution and Variation Are Not the Same
Missing Links
What the Bible Says About Creation
Weird and Wonderful: Sea Slugs
Evolution Was Not God’s Way!

  No. 92
Eyes: Made to See!
Our eyes are wonderful organs which could never have evolved by accident
How Do Your Eyes See?
Our eyes are Better than Any Camera
Did “Blind Chance” Make Seeing Eyes?
Nature Notes: Hibernation
Darwin’s “Eye Problem”
The Australian Pouched Frog
Believing is Seeing!

  No. 91
The Fossil Story
Millions of fossils have been found. What do they tell us about life on earth?
Early Fossil Hunter
Different Kinds of Fossils
Nature Notes: Snails
Fossil Graveyards
Weaver Ants
Fossils and Faith
Puzzle Corner

  No. 90
The Wonder of the Stars
Who can look at the sky on a clear night without feeling a sense of wonder?
Thousands of Millions!
The History Book of the Universe
Telescopes Unlocked the Secrets of the Skies
Astronomers Who Saw Evidence of God
God counts and names the stars!
Weird and Wonderful: Glow-worms
This Pale Blue Dot

  No. 89
Is There A God? Are There Any Clues?
Imagine you are a detective trying to discover whether there is a God. You first look for evidence, then see where the evidence is leading you.
The Heavens Tell It!
We All Know Design When We See It!
Cranes and Giraffes
Nature Notes: Frost and Snow
Weird and Wonderful: Sharks
What Is God Like?
Puzzle Corner

  No. 88
The Miracle of Life
How life on earth began is still a great mystery to scientists who don't believe in creation.
Old, Odd Ideas About How Life Began
Bumblebees - Lots of Information!
Seeing the Invisible World
Scientists Who Showed That Life Only Comes From Life
The Mouth-Breeding Frog
Are You Alive To God?

  No. 87
Our Good Neighbour In Space
We Couldn't Live Without the Moon!
Our Moon Was Made For Us
Where Did the Moon Come From?
Waling On the Moon
Daily Ocean Tides and Waves
Lights in the Sky
Nature Notes: Ants
Weird and Wonderful: The Curlew

  No. 86
A Great Big God!
God is so powerful that He only has to speak and things happen! God tells us that He created everything in six days.
The 7 Days of Creation
Jesus Showed Us How God Works
Nature Notes: Eggs
Weird and Wonderful: Swordfish
Puzzle Corner
The Greatest Thing!

  No. 85
Nature's Builders
Many animals, birds and insects are excellent builders. Did they get their skills by gradual evolution, or did God create them that way?
Tiny Insects Build 'Skyscrapers'
The Nest-building Fish!
Safe and Sound!
Wasps are Expert Builders
Busy Beavers & Living Underground
The Indigo Bunting Bird
Puzzle Corner

  No. 84
Room on the Ark?
Most people don’t believe that there really was a Noah’s Ark and a Flood. Why? Because they don’t read what the Bible actually says!
Yes, There Was Room For All the Animals!
Why Take Birds?
Noah’s Ark Was Gigantic!
Where Did the Water Come From?
Weird and Wonderful: The Moloch
God Always Keeps His Promises!
Puzzle Corner

  No. 83
The Birds That Fly
Did birds really evolve from dinosaurs? Reptiles have scales, while birds have feathers, and there is no evidence that scales did, or even could, become feathers.
The Missing Link That Never Was
Learning From the Birds
Nature Notes: Cabbages
Birds Lived With Dinosaurs!
Feathers are Wonderful
Puzzle Corner

  No. 82
Our Special Home - It's Just Right For Us!
Long before you started living in your house, it was planned with people like you in mind. Surely it was the same with our world.
Earth's Special Shield
Light & Heat
Nature Notes
Care For Your Home!
Weird and Wonderful: The Aardvark
Puzzle Corner

  No. 81
The Story of YOU!
Many people like trying to trace their family history, but what about the history of us all? Where did humans come from?
Are Apes and Monkeys Our Cousins?
How the Brute Became Human
All People are Equal!
Dressing Up Old Bones
You Are Not an Ape!
Your Family Tree
Weird and Wonderful: The Toucan

  No. 80
Dragons of the Air
Giant flying reptiles that measured 18 meters (60 feet) from wing-tip to wing-tip once soared in the sky!
Built Like a Plane!
No Evidence of Evolution
Winged Serpents in Ancient Egypt
Flying Dragons a Fairy Tale?
Made to Fly!
Puzzle Corner
Weird and Wonderful: Spiders

  No. 79
Thousands or Millions?
How old is the Earth? How can we find out? Aren't fossils millions of years old?
How Long Did It Take?
Fast Fossils
Rocks Can Form Fast
The Bible Has the Answer!
The Tailorbird
Nature Notes
Puzzle Corner

  No. 78
Thinking God's Thoughts!
Our most famous scientists believed that God created the universe and everything in it, and that the Bible record of creation was true.
Seeing God In the Heavens
Nature Notes: Birds' Nests
Scientists' Greatest Discovery
Scientist Who Proved Life Only Comes From Life
They Made Our World Better
Puzzle Corner
Weird and Wonderful: The Manatee

  No. 77
Dinosaurs Rediscovered!
Did people meet dinosaurs long before their fossils were discovered in the 19th Century?
Dragon Stories
Head of T-Rex
Behemoth Was No Elephant!
Puzzle Corner
Did Dragons Exist?
Dinosaurs Were God's Design!
Dinosaurs & Creation

  No. 76
God's Amazing Power Plants
Billions of tiny factories all over the earth are working to keep us all alive! Plants take in carbon-dioxide and expel oxygen, which helps to breath life onto Earth.
The Sun - Our Power Station
Green 'Solar Panels' That Keep Us All Alive
Nature Notes: Fungi
Why We Need Plants
Weird and Wonderful: The Cormorant
Puzzle Corner
God's Love is Like the Sunshine!

  No. 75
Why Haven't They Evolved?
If evolution has really happened, how did it miss hundreds of “living fossils”?
Charles' Darwin's Mistake
No Sea-Change
Puzzle Corner
Three-Eyed Reptile Refuses To Evolve
The Amazing Story of the 'Lost' Fish
Weird and Wonderful: Barnacles
God is Dependable!

  No. 74
Life in Bee City
Imagine a city with 50,000 or more inhabitants, who all work together to help one another. That’s life in a beehive!
Serving the Queen
Bees Help Us All
The Amazing Honeybee
Why Bees Dance
Nature Notes: Helpful Insects
Weird and Wonderful: The Petrel

  No. 73
God Did It First
Human beings have designed some amazing things, but everything they design is really copying what God has already done!
Submarines, Divers & Snails
No Shock For Woodpeckers
Stitching and Spinning
God Is Number One!
Termites' Air-Conditioned Homes
Little Paper Makers
Puzzle Corner

  No. 72
Wonders Under the Sea
We know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the ocean!
A Watery World
Did Fish Evolve?
Fishy Facts
God's Secret Garden
Exploring the Dark Depths
Weird and Wonderful: The Seahorse
The Power of Water

  No. 71
In The Beginning - A Big Bang? Or A Big God?
Did our amazing world and universe come from a gigantic explosion billions of years ago? That’s what many people believe, but is it true, and is it possible?
Could Nothing Explode and Turn Into Everything?
What Explosions Can't Do
Evolution’s Magic Wand
The Impossible Can’t Happen!
Running Down and Wearing Out!
Puzzle Corner
Weird and Wonderful: The Hoatzin
Pages for 71B

  No. 70
What Happened to Spoil God's 'Very Good' World?
Our world is a wonderful place, but there are also some nasty and cruel things in it. The Bible tells us that when God created the world, ‘it was very good.’ What went wrong?
Why Bad Things Happen
How It All Went Wrong
Cats Aren’t Always Sweet!
God Will Make Everything New
Big Teeth to Eat Plants
Puzzle Corner
Weird and Wonderful: The Gazelle
Pages for 70B

  No. 69
Why Apes Don't Talk
People who believe that apes are our close relatives have tried to teach them to speak. They haven’t succeeded, because apes were not designed to talk like us.
No Talking Chimps
Bird-Brains Beat Chimps!
How We Use Language
Where Did Languages Come From?
Nature Notes
Puzzle Corner
Wonderful: The Mallee Fowl
Pages for 69B

  No. 68
The instructions to make life happen inside an egg start with a tiny speck — instructions to design a chicken that will eventually lay eggs itself.
The Chicken and Egg Story
Nest Building & Protecting Eggs
Ants Have Eggs Too
The Big Egg Mystery
Puzzle Corner
Weird and Wonderful: The Salmon


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