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April 21, 2005

National Geographic Society
1145 17th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036-4688

Dear National Geographic Society Editors & Staff,

Beliefs directly affect actions.  The recent Asian Tsunami relief efforts are a new reminder of how various nations and religions around the world react to the needs of others.  Are humans important?  Or are humans just an evolved animal type that has "over-populated" the Earth to the detriment of other life forms?  Each religion, to now include evolution, teaches accordingly.

This letter is mostly addressed to your magazine staff.  But let me briefly address the pornography on your cable TV channel.  It is horrific that you feel no hesitation to show torture, animal pornography, and severe injustice during family viewing hours.  Parents should not let children view your cable TV channel unsupervised.  Have you no shame?  Honestly.

Your November 2004 National Geographic magazine issue included the cover story that there is (finally) evidence supporting Darwinism.  But opening the issue we see only further evidences for God’s creation.  Life shows built-in heredity & variation.  Speciation is actually evidence of (inherently-limited) natural selection – within each Kind of Life.  Natural selection has built-in limits: heredity & variation.  That is real biology.  You gave zero contradictory examples.

In June of 2001, the BBC News carried an article about a couple in England who had purchased an overweight Shetland Pony from a zoo.  A few weeks later they learned that it was not overweight, but pregnant.  And the father turned out to be a zebra!  Information on this is still on-line; look it up if you’d like.  The horse “kind” of life, though now separated (often geographically) into artificially classified “species” all remain within a particular created “Kind” per creation theory.  After the Great Flood of about 4,400 years ago the animals left Noah’s Ark and dispersed around the world.  Under (inherently limited) real natural selection, only certain descendants survived and propagated, this is true.  Zebras and Shetland Ponies are two of these, but both are from within the same kind of life as evidence for creation theory.

Text Box: Just because a car can go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds, it does not logically follow that any car ever could go from 0 to 600 in 60 seconds.  Evolution makes pseudo-scientific claims like that all the time!

I own a car that can go from zero to sixty in under six seconds.  Now let me take a rational, reasonable claim and add an evolutionary twist (as you would do, without a twinge of conscience, before children).  I own a car that can go from zero to six-hundred in under sixty seconds.  Pretty neat, huh?  Also untrue.  Just because a car can go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds, it does NOT automatically follow that it can then reach 600 MPH in less than 60 seconds – if ever, in fact.

Your belief system, implying that we should ignore the spiritual realm, is fantasy.  Your Nov. 2004 issue used micro-evolutionary examples (scientific variation within a respective kind) then made the unscientific claim that evolution must have put us here.  But you showed no evidence for that!  Yes, a car can go from 0 to 60; and yes there is some built-in variation within life on Earth.  Your pseudo-scientific belief is that somehow, somewhere there is evidence for macro-evolution in all life, without any evidence in its support, and that is an out-and-out lie.

I lived in Berkeley, California, for over five years.  Three times I/we challenged all the U.C. Berkeley professors from four science departments to debate our origins.  142 of them in total, as I recall.  Not a single one of the evolution-teaching professors from the four science departments in Berkeley rose to the challenge.  Maybe they prefer a situation where they have full grading power and years of experience over younger, dependant students, but they lacked the courage to debate an independent, educated adversary.  What are you evolutionists afraid of?  And what makes you think that it is your right to hurt the souls of children?

I challenge your evolution-teaching editors to a public debate.  Equal time for each side, no matter how many participants, but the format and setting could be discussed.  It would need to be a minimum of 60 or 90 minutes, perhaps two hours.  I would want the right for either or both sides to later freely publicize (or data stream, et cetera) the event.

Evolution actually has nothing to do with science.  Evolution is much more theological than it is scientific.  Evolution makes claims about our origins, our future, proper behavior in the world around us, and about what else is in the universe out there.  Excuse me, but aren’t those the exact same questions posited by every major religion in the world? 

Is our Creator strong or weak?  Evolution answers this.  So does Christianity.  So does Islam.

Is it good or bad to covet?  Evolution says “good.”  Get; take; survive; evolve!  But the Ten Commandments clearly state “bad.” 

Is adultery good?  Evolution teaches that it is good to spread your seed.  “Survival of the fittest,” after all.  The Ten Commandments teach that adultery is wrong.  Evolution teaches values; evolution is not at all science.  Evolution is actually “science, falsely so-called.”

Murder, is this good or bad?  Evolution teaches … raw evolution, which you and your ilk teach without conscience – that killing the weak brings progress.  Remember the “Master Race”?  They were a group of evolutionists who came to power after the German Christians lost their Culture Wars in the 1930s.  Mass murder followed.  In that particular version of evolutionary beliefs they came to believe that they were more evolved than other humans.  It then became “good” to kill sub-humans.  Millions were murdered, consistent with evolutionary teaching.  In fact, each incarnation of evolution, left unchecked, will lead to mass murder.  The Communists murdered without conscience too.  They believed evolution and then put it into practice.  “Hey, those humans are only a type of animal anyway; and God is not watching and/or He has always been weak, per evolution.”  That is what you teach too.  Connect the dots.  It is not a coincidence that the Columbine massacre happened on Hitler’s Birthday, and that one of the boys wore a “Survival of the Fittest” shirt.  Why do you glory in such a belief system being taught to young people?  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EDITORS:  You have blood on your hands.

I will pit the values taught during 2,000 years of Christianity (individuals and societies being lifted up) against the past 140 years of (murderous) evolution-taught-values any day! 

Think about the values taught by believing in evolution.  Hurting the souls of children is a severe crime against them.  And spiritual child abuse is the very worst form of child abuse.  Do you think that our God cannot see you?  “Survival of the meanest and most deceitful.”  Do you still not understand where such a value system inexorably leads?

Does evolution teach, “honesty is the best policy” or a quite different value system?

Does the evolutionary belief that God is far away or non-existent discourage or rather encourage a thief?  How about a rapist?  Is it the National Geographic Society's intent to encourage rape?

Stop teaching the religion of evolution which you believe in spite of the scientific evidence!

Beliefs lead to actions.  A person's beliefs about his place in the universe affects his/her actions.

Evolution teaches values, just like any other belief system about our place in the universe.

Evolution is not science.  You may contend that evolution is based on a particular (wishful) interpretation of the scientific evidence, but it most surely is NOT science.  There is no scientific evidence supporting evolution – none that does not better support creation theory.

You – who would openly slander our Creator’s Name before Americans, and then in translations to inflict the people from many nations - I challenge you in the name of Jesus Christ to an open, public debate on our origins.


Paul Abramson
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Evansville, IN.  47 -- (moved)

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