December 25, 2009

An Open Letter to the (so-called) Global Elite

Dear Global Elite Person,

Nice suit!  Good looking manicure!  What great food you eat!

You are being deceived.

You cannot be commended on being "powerful" because actually you are being led around in your spiritual ignorance!

We humans are not number one around here.  We are below angels (a.k.a. ghosts, or good and evil spirits).

I am a Bible-believing Christian.  I have one of the largest web sites teaching creation science [].  And I used to live in Berkeley, California for 5 years, speaking to atheist groups, witches (Wicca), self-professed pagans, and other decidedly non-Christian "truth seekers."

The presence of "the others" is one thing that challenges even the most devout of atheists.  I have found that I can't always reach them with the truth and good science of creation theory, but the fact that every society down through history has believed in: ghosts, or good & evil spirits, or in angels – leaves them without explanation.

One does not have to believe in something in order for it to be true and of consequence.

Could we not agree that gravity affects each one of us – whether we choose to believe in it or not?  That's not a stretch, is it?  You don't have to "believe in" gravity in order to be affected by it.

Is there a spiritual dimension?  Or perhaps even multiple spiritual dimensions?  "The truth is out there," as they used to say on "The X Files."

If "they" exist even though some folks deny them – couldn't beings from these unseen dimensions affect us anyway?  When an ostrich sticks its head in the ground it remains vulnerable to what it cannot see.  EVERY society in history!  ... has stories of the "supernatural" in our midst.  We are not alone.  SETI is nice, but I think the search ignores the obvious.

Back in 1990 the renowned scientist Carl Sagan asked NASA to turn the satellite Voyager I around long enough to look back and take a photo of the Earth from the edge of our Solar System.  That photo became famous as the "Pale Blue Dot" image.  There is the entire Earth, all we know and see, and breathe.  There it is; just a faint bluish smudge within the overwhelming black vacuum of space all around it.

You are powerful?  Think again.

But then that goes for all of us, doesn't it?

If there are spiritual beings out there who have the ability to come and go from our dimensions at will (and perhaps to selectively – reveal themselves – to some of us little humans on our small planet) then isn't the knowledge of their intents and potential influence in our lives worth more than $1 million to you?

Let's say your home has the latest robotic infrared cameras and motion detectors coordinated by a computer-controlled security system with redundant backups.  Perhaps you also have a dozen former Army Rangers, U.S. Marines, Navy Seals, or Blackwater soldiers, in bullet-proof body armor, drinking two cups of expresso per hour each and walking the grounds at night, each pulled around by a snarling attack dog and armed to the teeth with Uzis, titanium throwing knives, and white phosphorus grenade launchers.  But then completely unbenownst to you or them a powerful and hyper-intelligent fallen angel drifts past them in the eighth dimension.  He barely notices their puny weapons and your feeble attempts at personal safety.  He's in.  All is dark and quiet except for the cricket chirps.  He comes into your room.  You are asleep.  He enters your dream.

You don't control even your own heartbeat.  What good does lots of money do you?

Jesus said that we cannot make even one hair turn white or black (Matthew 5:36b).  He also said that the very hairs on our heads are numbered (Luke 12:7a).

There are numerous powerful spiritual beings out there.

No, I can't prove that to you scientifically, (insert: loud exhale!), since they can come and go from our limited dimensions at will.  In science "every action has an equal and opposite reaction."  But when true psychic phenomena are displayed then such laws get violated.  There is an intrusion into our science and limited dimensionality.

Even the most powerful human is weak and feeble compared to them.  2,000 years ago at the beginning of Christ's ministry we are told that he was tempted by Lucifer, the God of this World.  Lucifer offered Jesus all the power, prestige, and wealth of all the world's kingdoms in history.  Note: Jesus did not challenge that Lucifer had the power to offer this, since he did, but Jesus also did not succumb to that temptation either.

People often ask how "God" can allow innocent children to suffer and die of malnutrition or from disease.  Of course he does.  The God of this World hates us.  Lucifer wants humans deceived and even outright killed.  There is more than one "God" out there.

The God of the Bible (called alternatively: Elohim, Jehovah, or Yahweh) is a different spiritual being.

Exodus 20:3  "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."  That is the first of the Ten Commandments.

Again, as I wrote above, there are numerous powerful spiritual beings out there.  –Can't prove it; but if true – follow with me here, please.

The God of this World, Lucifer (sometimes called: the Devil, or Satan, or the Serpent) wants us in fear, in pain, or dead.

So, Global Elite folks (those following money and human power), people like you and people like me do not often interact.  And that is a shame.  If you grew up wealthy and powerful then you have probably never learned much about the spiritual, or at least nothing positive.  Or maybe you have only learned about the false religions, that religion is a scam, a pursuit filled with deception and lies.  "They all just want money anyway, so why not be honest about it!?"

Lucifer wants to turn people against people.  He wants human souls destroyed.  If he offers you a mini-kingdom and wealth of sorts (as he had offered to Jesus) in order to get you to turn against other humans then it could be worth it to him.  They are his to distribute after all.  Call it ... an investment.

How about $20 million?  Or would you sell your soul for $40 million?  How about 60 or 70?  Aww, forget about what will happen 100 years from now.  That is so far off.  Don't worry about it.  (Or if you are a New Yorker, "Fuggedaboutit!")

Jesus said, "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Mark 8:36).

Are you still with me here?

We're on a small bluish planet in space.  There are others out there more powerful than ourselves; and among them are hyper-intelligent malevolent beings intent upon our destruction.  And they have things to offer, if you're "smart" enough to climb aboard, that is.

Compromise your values.  Come on.  Just do it once.  Hey, the strong gotta survive!

Remember Gordon Gekko in the movie, "Wall Street" from 1987?  He was (a fictional character, but) ready to stab anyone in the back for a buck.  I was living in Tokyo when that movie first came out in Japan.  In the evenings I was teaching business English.  At a particular large financial firm in Nihonbashi where I was giving classes at that time one top manager bought theater tickets for all his stock market traders to go see that movie – so they would learn exactly what insider trading was.  I've never forgotten that.  Fictional, and yet....

Of course real life bigger insider trading has emerged in the years since then.  Big money continues to concentrate into fewer hands each year.  In August of 2008 when many traders had gone on their annual vacations, a select few suddenly caused the world's biggest stock markets to begin falling triggering automated sell orders across the board.  Gee, what coincidental timing.  It was extremely profitable for the few and also helped to get Barack Obama elected only several weeks later.  Or another example, just at the beginning of the 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend in the U.S., Dubai announces its default.  Another coincidence?  They could have announced a day earlier, or a day later, but they didn't.  Anyway, the marble collectors think they're getting more, but they still can't control even their own hairs or their heartbeats.  Such foolishness at the expense of others.

So – let's say you've made it!  You have a $1 billion or so to spare (after the yacht, mansions, private golf memberships, buying pizzas without using coupons, et cetera).  Rich!!  What now?  Well, power, of course.  Influence.  Call the President and give him some advice on particular issues, right?  Call the Congressman and tell him or her how to vote on a particular issue if they want that hefty political donation next year.

But then, ... that troublesome spiritual leader Jesus of Nazareth also said, "...if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his own soul..."  Hmmm....

What does it profit a man if he builds a massive software empire with pivotal high-tech products in tens of millions of PCs, but loses his soul?

What does it profit a woman if she has a daily TV show, a national magazine with millions of subscribers, adoring fans, and multiple home product spin-offs, but loses her soul?

What does it profit a man if he gains - the whole world, but...?  Gee, that $40 million or even $1 billion doesn't sound like so much anymore.

There are reasons why "they" want evolution beliefs pushed.

There are reasons why "they" want "climate change" beliefs pushed.

The God of this World – wants people killed.

He wants you killed too.  All in good time.... heh, heh, heh.

But if he can deceive and meanly use you for a while - while stroking your big ego - then he'll smile and do that to you, sucker.

Are all Earth environments equal?  No, there is more or less rain in different places.  There is more or less wind and sunshine in different places.  So what would make one think that all Hell environments are equal?  You, if you follow Lucifer's lead, will fall to a lower place than most.  Do you like being deceived?  Do you want to be meanly used?

Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) taught that the Earth's resources were inherently limited.  His philosophy drove the intelligentsia for many years.  Kill the humans, prevent or limit population growth, preserve resources.  Why, this is enlightened thinking, isn't it?  Or has Lucifer implanted such thoughts and dreams into world leaders for a long time now?

Way back when Malthusian economics was being promulgated there were less than 1 billion human souls on Planet Earth.  But the elite of that time were deceived into thinking that there should be less humans in order to make the world a better place.

Jehovah (the God of the Bible) says to "be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth."  He said it twice in Genesis actually, once to Adam and Eve when they left Eden 6,000 years ago, and once to Noah right after the Global Flood of about 4,400 years ago.  We are now going on 7 billion people.  And there are still more resources available!  The Earth has lots of resources available, lots of room, plenty more to go around (if evil people would just get out of the way and quit trying to steal from and trick the rest of us).

But you wouldn't know it from hearing Al Gore, Bono, or other deceived puppets tell it, would you?  "Stop exhaling!  That CO2 feeds plants, errr, I mean – it's a pollutant!"

Powerful humans?  You guys are deceiving yourselves.  You are being used.

When Jesus the Messiah returns for his thousand year reign in Jerusalem, during the Millennium, I would not be surprised if there are 60 or 70 billion people on Earth for each generation during that time.  Let's see, 70 billion times an average life expectancy of 70 years – that will be a lot of souls!  Wow – that will be fantastic!  (And no crazy Thomas Malthus ideas afoot then.)

Lucifer, the God of this World (the God who does indeed want children to die from starvation and disease), is powerful now but he will soon have a serious career crisis.  Don't follow him.

You haven't studied the Bible much, have you?  Briefly, you will get the New World Order that you are seeking.  There will be a world government.  It will be great at first!  For the first 3 1/2 years of the coming Tribulation (discussed in the Bible's Isaiah and particularly in Revelation) it will work!

That's happened before.  For the first few years after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1918 – it worked.  There was a flowering of the arts and sciences.  But only a few years later darkness descended.  In the early 1920s that wondrous utopia of "no rules" soon led to tyranny and mega-deaths.  Joseph Stalin seized power, consolidated forces underneath him, and started the Gulags.

Also, the first few years of Nazi power in Germany (mid-1930s) led to jobs, progress, patriotism, and (so-called) enlightened thinking.  The liberals in many lands at that time lauded the Nazi miracle.  That includes America and England.  (See "Liberal Fascism" a book by Jonah Goldberg for a summary of this history.)  The National Socialists Party (shortened to: Na-zi Party) had it all.  But again it soon led to horror and mega-deaths.

You think that the belief that there are no absolutes is "good" somehow.  Values and the treatment of others are all "relative."  How disastrous!  How evil!  But I understand that you don't realize this.  You never do, until afterwards.  Then you repudiate it and seek the next falsehood.  There is a long history of you guys getting deceived over and over again.  (Now you think that the modern P.R. of China is the utopian model that you're seeking.)

"There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is death." (Proverbs 14:12)

You and your kind have been fooled so many times down through history.  Let's look at what one of your former (not present, your collective consciousness now rejects him) heroes and a renowned socialist leader wrote:

Book: "My New Order," by Adolf Hitler, published by Reynal & Hitchcock, New York, 1941

Page 62-64
Speech of May 1, 1923, given in Munich
"...There are three words which many use without a thought which for us are no catch-phrases:  Love, Faith, and Hope.  We National Socialists wish to love our Fatherland...
"We have faith in the rights of our people, the rights which have existed time out of mind. ...
"We have both the hope and the faith that the day will come on which Germany shall stretch from Königsberg to Strassburg, and from Hamburg to Vienna.
"We have faith that one day Heaven will bring the Germans back into a Reich over which there shall be no Soviet star, no Jewish star of David, but above that Reich there shall be the symbol of German labor - the Swastika.  And that will mean that the first of May has truly come."

Page 301-304
Proclamation of March 16, 1935 - Radio Broadcast (about 3 years prior to the beginning of Germany's brutal military conquest of Europe).
"... The Government of the German Reich of today desires only a single moral and material power - that is the power to be able to safeguard peace for the Reich and thereby for the whole of Europe.
"It has therefore taken all further steps which lay within its power which might serve to advance the cause of peace:
"1.  It has for a long time past offered to all neighboring States the conclusion of pacts of non-aggression. ...
"3.  Finally it has given to France the solemn assurance that Germany, now that the question of the Saar has been settled, will not make or raise any further territorial claims on France. ...
"For at this hour the German Government renews before the German people and before the entire world the affirmation of its resolve never to go beyond that which the protection of German honor and the freedom of the Reich demand and especially it affirms that it wished in the national German armament to create no instrument of military aggression...."

Remember, the liberals/progressives (socialist-types) of yesteryear embraced his thoughts and words.  But his way (led by dark spiritual forces) led to mass murder.

I am not trying to insult you!  This is not name-calling!

I am trying to get you to THINK!

Let's summarize where we are:

There are life forms below us, like dogs, cats, elephants, sharks, beetles, and butterflies.  But we have evidence of lifeforms above us as well.  Every society down through time (though not every person, as "they" appear to reveal themselves only selectively) has told us of ghosts, good and evil spirits, or good and bad angels.  And they influence us – for good or for evil.

Modern physics has evidenced additional dimensions.  String theory and all.  They are beyond our current science.  Physicists think that there are about ten dimensions out there, perhaps more.  And yet we humans, with all our power and influence, only operate in three of them (plus time, so four total, some would argue).  The rest are curled up, i.e. outside of our existence.  (Some contend that there are eleven dimensions, but I think they are wrong due to clues of ten dimensions, only four of which are knowable by man, as given in Genesis One, elaborated in ancient commentary by the famous Jewish Rabbi Nachmanides from the Thirteenth Century.  But hey, that would be the Bible leading science.  So let's move on.)

Humans are below "them."  "They" don't have to answer to us and our understanding.  Some of them may toy with us.  Others of "them" may seek to protect.  I would strongly contend that we have evidence of this in both directions.  Jesus gave us some clues concerning this.

Jesus once asked his disciples what people say about him.  Then he asked who they thought that he was.  Peter responded:    "...Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed [it] unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 16:16-17)

Wait.  So it was "revealed" to him?  Flesh and blood, even astute logic did not tell him this?  It was – revealed?!  Now that, if true (which it is), is interesting, isn't it?

Sometimes when an atheist crosses his or her arms in pride and contends, "you can't prove God exists to me!"  I respond, "Yeah.  Not anymore."  Go figure!  Stomp your feet and hold your breath if you want to.  The Bible says that God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6).  Let them hold their breaths for a long time.  There is a saying, "Your arms aren't long enough to box with God."

The same ultra-powerful Creator that made trillions upon trillions of stars now dancing in elaborate galactic super-clusters along with your body's intensely complex unique DNA, that if stretched out, would reach the Moon and back lots of times over.  Hmmm ...  That Creator "answers to us"?  No, I really don't think so.  Guess again.

Can an automobile go for 10 years without maintenance?  How about for 40 or 50 years?  We know that cars are made in huge complex factories.  And there are many parts that are hard to dispose of later like old tires, for instance.  But did you know that there are many human bodies that have gone for 40 or 50 years without external maintenance.  Made of 100% biodegradable parts too, with the factories to make more of them built right inside, a self-assembling structure, and partially self-healing.  Not bad, eh.  We came about purely by forces of time, chance, and evolution?  Compare a man to a car sometime.  -That belief system is not science!

The great and the powerful.  The high and the mighty.  The beautiful people.  The Global Elite.

But, while well dressed and well fed – so many of you are missing the most important things in life!

A few years ago Bill Gates discussed the financial markets' high valuation of Google, compared to IBM, which he contended was a much bigger competitor to Microsoft.  Are the bull and bear markets "rational"?  Is market valuation always logical?  Or are there fads and "hot tips" that sometimes run away with investors' money?

AOL was valued at some $147 billion less than a decade ago when it bought Time-Warner.  Now (late 2009) AOL is worth some $2 billion as that union is being dissolved.  Hmmm....  Has the company changed that much or rather is there a herd instinct among investors?

You have heard of Mensa, right?  They are folks with really high IQs.  They have a saying:  "If You're So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich?"

Among humans – who should have the final word?  The rich?  The spiritual?  Those with highest IQs?  Those with guns?  The best salesmen?  One man, one vote?  Why should the rich be the global elite decision makers?  Since markets are not always rational, is that group the most rational?  Thinking long term (spiritually speaking) this life's wealth is all Monopoly money anyway.  It is better to store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

Logically speaking, shouldn't you delegate, deferring to (rather than employing and thus owning some of) the wisdom of Mensa-types?  Why are you the human decision makers about the New World Order and not them?  Of course there are intersection points.  But many rich people have inherited their wealth or they were in the right place at the right time.  Or they rode Google, Disney, McDonalds, Xerox, AOL, or Yahoo stock prices up to the Moon, then sold at the right time.  Admittedly that takes intelligence.  But one who conquers is not always one who is good at leading and administrating policies later, right?

You have lots of money, i.e. enhanced influence, giving you the perception of power.  (Even while the fallen angels nearby you cackle with laughter as you quickly age and expire after doing their bidding for a few short decades.)  "Here, have some money and a nice house.  Now help us to deceive others too.  Tell others about Global Warming and that they need to conserve or do without (but not you, of course, you can be a hypocrite), or about evolution and 'survival of the meanest/fittest', etc."

Jesus often said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."  (Acts 20:35b)  But not everyone learns that in life!  Some still want to get, and take, and accumulate.  Mine!  Gimme!  My toys!  They are not learning life's lessons.  He who dies with the most toys – will have a lot to answer for to God.  Coveting is a sin, the Tenth Commandment.  Being rich itself is not a sin, of course. But "the love of money" leads to other sins.  Is someone who is good at getting stuff then a "winner" in life, by the standard of the God of the Bible?  Or is he instead pleasing the false standards and deceptions of the God of this world, Lucifer?

Do you want to lift others up?  Or to push others down?

It has been reported that George Soros has employed people to transcribe every word that Rush Limbaugh says on his radio program everyday.  And it was reported that CBS News had a reporter following Michael Huckabee during the 2008 presidential campaign, taking down every word.  Gee, if true, these things are interesting.  Then the AP assigns no less than eleven reporters to double-check everything in Sarah Palin's new book?  ...

Power to pull down?  Power to purposely misquote Rush (during the recent NFL team bid), since he never has said any of the racist statements that were dishonestly ascribed to him?  Power to implement bio-fuels regulations that raise world food prices for the poor?  Power to do the bidding of demons that want a global "one child" policy?  ...Is that really power?  Hey, Mr. Global Elitist, "they" are laughing at you, you Benedict Arnold, Jr.

Humans are made in the very image of God (the real God, the one who wrote the Bible).  Therefore the God of this World, a powerful spirit being known as Lucifer, wants you and I destroyed.  He is limited; he needs human henchmen to do his bidding.  Thus the need for deceptions.

In Nazi Germany they believed evolution and then acted on its teaching.  It became "logical" to kill Jews.  The Jews were believed to be less evolved, to be "sub-human" after all.  The Aryans were the "Master Race" in their minds.  Separately, the Japanese, using their own version of believed evolution thought that "the Japanese race" had less body hair, making them (in their minds) the most evolved.  Other Asians became expendable to them.  Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, and others were believed to be "less evolved."  Survival of the fittest, some call it.  "They" want for us to kill each other.  Don't believe their deceptions, please.

Two hundred years ago the educated elite believed Malthusian economics.  Too many humans; so push down and if possible limit their growth.  And now, p art of today's deception is the ludicrous idea that CO2 is somehow a pollutant.  Sigh, another spiritual deception to be believed.  Its adherents should read a little about photosysthesis and respiration.  –Can you hear the demons cackle with delight over modern (supposed) man-made "Global Warming" beliefs?

Not long ago I was comparing the three versions of the Olivet Discourse, where Jesus discusses the End Times.  What leapt out at me was – the very first thing he said – in all three recorded accounts!  (Matthew 24:4; Mark 13:5; Luke 21:8)  Jesus said to take heed that no man deceive you!  That is the very first thing he said.  In fact the danger of deceptions abounding in the world during the End Times is mentioned prominently throughout the New Testament.

Even smart people can be deceived, whether in investments (remember Bernie Madoff, Enron, and WorldCom?), in romance and marriage (name your favorite Hollywood star), or in much more important things – spiritual matters!  Please take heed that you be not deceived!

Earlier I quoted from a translated book by Adolf Hitler, published in English back in 1941, as World War II was then engulfing the world.  In reading and skimming through many of Hitler's speeches from the 1920s-40s, it was interesting to observe how often he elicited support from his countrymen by proclaiming them the victims and others the aggressors, even while he secretly planned to attack and conquer others.  In this blatant hypocrisy I see direct parallels to modern American liberals who want to proclaim themselves perennial victims even while openly and repeatedly trouncing on the rights of the honorable and the honest in our land.

Book: "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and Their Assault on America," by Ann Coulter, 2008, Crown Publishing Group  (I think this is her best book yet.)

Pg. 13
"Liberals live in a world in which everyone is either an oppressor or a victim.  In this rather extreme morality play, they control the casting:  They are always the victims, and conservatives are always the oppressors."

A liberal (victim) politician can rape or even have someone killed and the Liberal Press looks the other way or downplays the news; while a conservative (oppressor) may jaywalk, causing the indignant media to demand "justice" or a grand jury investigation; it is a modern equivalent of the Inquisition.

Another quote, from Page 256
"At the 2008 Republican National Convention, for example, liberal protesters were arrested for smashing police cars, breaking store windows, and possessing Molotov cocktails, napalm bombs, and assorted firearms.  No conservatives protested the Democratic National Convention.  Sarah Palin and Condolezza Rice have been rushed by crazed liberal women in public forums.  Conservative speakers on college campuses have been repeatedly physically attacked by liberals.  Bill O'Reilly, Matt Drudge, and Sean Hannity, among others, have been harassed at their homes by liberals."

They don't need the brown shirts to tell them to be uncivilized and to physically attack other people that have the ability to think for themselves.  They can do it on their own just fine.  Did you read that above?, "...have been harassed at their homes..."  Such evil; such enemies of freedom of speech.

Many sheep (or to use an invented term: sheeple; sheep-people) simply believe the loudest voices in modern society without question.  I see that all the time in the creation-evolution debate.  So many people have never heard true creation theory.  But they know (Bahhh!) that it is bad and can't be considered by such "enlightened" ignorant persons like themselves.

Oh, the SF Chronicle today says that our enlightened attitude is that "Global Warming is a Fact", Bahhh!

The front page of the NY Times says that Clintons good and Bushes bad, Bahhh!

Back when I lived in Berkeley I would sometimes curiously asked an avowed liberal what she or he thought of Rush Limbaugh.  After they'd finish gnashing their teeth and deriding his very existence, I'd usually then follow up by asking how often they listen to him.  The answer was often: "Never!"  No?  Never?  Really?...  They'd never sat down for just one hour and listened to him?  Not even once?  He is on the radio nationwide 3 hours per day!  It's free too.  How curious?  Talk about weak people.  Persons who are not strong enough to hear both sides before making up his or her mind.  Can you spell: "pre-judged" for me?  (p-r-e-j-u-d-i-c-e-d people, they are called.)

During the G.W. Bush years one of the most villified members of his Administration was John Ashcroft.  His recent book, "Never Again" is a very good read, written by a reasoned man.  But half the USA would not be strong enough to even lift it off a coffee table and read just the first chapter.  Maybe if Dan Rather or Jesse Jackson told them that it is okay, just one time.  Hmmm....

In my experience (debating devout skeptics from many quarters) most liberals are not mentally strong enough to listen to both sides of the issues.  They can't help but get angry and interrupt and refuse to listen.  (See the book, "Bias" by Bernard Goldberg.)  But conservatives in our society must do this all the time.  We see what the (loudest media voices) baby food news tells them to believe, then we digest other news and conflicting editorials as well, then make up our minds.  Therein lies an important difference between the two sides.

I lived in downtown Berkeley for over five years.  So much darkness.  So much drug use, prostitution, witchcraft, and despair.  Naked parades, intellectual arrogance, and the belief that "trees are our brothers."  (Yes that's true, if indeed one has wood for brains!)

Briefly – let me discuss my forte.  Do a web search for: "gallup creationism" please.

Aren't these statistics from Gallup Polls amazing?!  The evolutionists have all the public (and most private) schools; the mainstream media; tons of science publications, glossy images, dinosaur reenactments in full color – and yet year after year 45% of Americans have discovered the truth anyway – that we were created in God's image less than 10,000 years ago!  That's what the polls show, right?

Why has America led the world (ahead of Europe, Japan, Russia, or anywhere else) in the 20th Century?  Don't the other nations teach even more evolution and other nonsense to their people than in the USA?

We need good science and solid theories taught and believed.  Couldn't one then contend that we need more creation teaching?  And less evolution propaganda, like what is served up in most other countries worldwide?  To advance – we need the truth, not an exclusion of the truth from the public square.

ClimateGate may be big now.  But a much larger deception will be the exposure of EvolutionGate someday.

Sometimes at the beginning of a creation talk on a campus I have to remind folks about freedom of speech (due to the presence of ignorant hecklers and scoffers).  And I challenge them.  Every adult there has been taught evolutionary theory for 10 or 12 years, or even longer.  So is hearing about another theory for only one or two hours really that threatening?  If so, evolution isn't a very good theory then, is it?  What are they so afraid of?

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." a quote atttributed to Albert Einstein.

They tear down the posters announcing the upcoming creation event.  They mock other students who consider coming to the talk.  They tell the professors about them, so that such real truth seekers can (in some cases) get lower grades!  Yes, it is true.  The opponents of freedom of speech, freedom of honest scientific inquiry, and freedom of religion are such weak people, ... sheeple.

Well, there is much more that I could write about.  But my biggest concern for you is that you side with sanity rather than your current course of promoting insanity and deceptions.

Strive to help others to achieve their goals, to become the best that they can be.  Don't look for ways to pervert and push down.  Why seek to "expose" a jaywalking conservative while openly ignoring the flagrant abuses by those you consider more politically palatable; a value system implanted into you by those who are meanly using you.  What kind of future world are you dreaming about?

Book:  "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," by Edward Gibbon, Vol. 1.  Penguin Classics, 1995 (orig. pub. in London, 1776, 1781)

Chap. 3, pg. 85-86,
"Every barrier of the Roman constitution had been levelled by the vast ambition of the dictator; every fence had been extirpated by the cruel hand of the Triumvir. ... The provinces, long oppressed by the ministers of the republic, sighed for the government of a single person, who would be the master, not the accomplice, of those petty tyrants.  The people of Rome, viewing, with a secret pleasure, the humiliation of the aristocracy, demanded only bread and public shows; and were supplied with both by the liberal hand of Augustus. ...

"Before an assembly thus modelled and prepared, Augustus pronounced a studied oration, which displayed his patriotism, and disguised his ambition.  'He lamented, yet excused, his past conduct. ...' "

Folks, do you really want America to fall into tyranny?  Honestly, do you think that you will somehow profit?  When the emperor gets his Praetorian Guards then the US Senate, House of Representatives, and you, yes you too!, will soon become subject to their violence.  Won't the people have a secret pleasure in seeing the humiliation of the aristocracy?  Why would you want this?

German intellectuals believed they were right as strongly as you do today.  There is a way that seems right unto intellectuals, but the end thereof is mass murder.
"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out— ...
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me."

The German 1930s-40s fall into unmitigated liberal/progressive/socialist "intellectualism" was interrupted by the Allied victory in WWII.  It was not internally self-correcting.  Lies and deceits lead to more - lies and deceits.  In America, "First they came for the middle class, and I did not speak out— ... " then the upper middle class, later the poor, but don't worry if left unchecked they'll eventually get to you alright.  That is the nature of the deception-filled system you are empowering.  Do you really want the U.S. Constitution and the due process of law to be ignored?  Czars, over 30 of them, unconfirmed by the U.S. Senate, and yet the Liberal Press (the Drive-by Media) just looks the other way.  There is a growing insanity in Modern America.

The brilliance of the U.S. Constitution:  Recognizing man's sinful nature, they instituted a "separation of powers" and made public forums.   The Washington gridlock is not all bad, but good when it prevents one side from overrunning the other.  That was a part of the intrinsic design.  Note that the U.S. Constitution does not mention God directtly.  (I mention this because some skeptics have tried to use this against me in debates.  They want to deny America's Christian heritage.)  But of course the Constitution itself is a subsequent document, it is not America's founding document.

Many of our federal government problems today result from ignoring what the forefathers put into place.  The Declaration of Independence, together with the U.S. Constitution remain brilliant inherently unflawed documents.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address of 1863 began "Four score and seven years ago...."  If you count back the 87 years, you get to 1776 (i.e. to the year of the document that catalyzed our subsequent national Constitution).  And America's founding document prominently mentions our Creator.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights...."  That is what the good guys want.  But the bad guys want a fascism (bundling together, like sticks) or "it takes a village" (bundling together, under a nanny state), or national socialism (left-wing na-zi party), or outright Marxist Communism.  (Again, please see Jonah Goldberg's 2008 book "Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning," for this history.)

The Watergate scandal broke in 1973.  For a year the Nixon White House was under incessant liberal siege.  Gloating, finger pointing and endless television coverage were the order of the day.  Virtually every daily newspaper headline trumpeted new allegations against Tricky Dick, a.k.a. Mr. Millhouse (a reference to President Nixon's middle name).But on the day when Senator Barry Goldwater and other Republican leaders told him that they just could not support him any longer – Nixon understood and let go; he resigned.  He left Washington, D.C. quietly, with a newly installed President Gerald Ford at the helm.

Let's see, that would make the 25th Anniversary of Watergate ... about 1998.  But wait.  Where was all the press coverage?  Why was that important occasion almost completely forgotten?  Oh, now I remember.  Their man of the hour in 1998, Bill Clinton, was dodging even from the word: "is" in his perpetual evasiveness.  He was on his way towards impeachment; and he wasn't going to resign.  The double-standard of the media was palpable.  They downplayed and openly lied about Congressional charges against their man.  In fact half of the American people (liberals, i.e. those who don't get out much) probably still think that it was all a sex scandal.  That was not the issue.  But you'd never know that from reading the New York Times, or watching the nightly news on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or via other left-wing outlets, which still maintains falsehoods in these regards.

In 2002 I read a then new book about biological warfare, "The Demon In the Freezer," by Preston.  In it the author discusses many issues, but one that I recall vividly was the presence of significant amounts of camel pox testing equipment in Iraq.  Under Saddam Hussein Iraqi scientists had purchased and assembled large incubators for camel pox (the camel version of small pox).  Why were they so interested in that kind of disease?  Is it possible that the same equipment could have been used to incubate something else instead?  A dual-use application.  If re-released into the world, as virtually no one on Earth is currently immunized, an unchecked small pox virus would kill about 1/3rd of humanity in every country.  The demon in the freezer.  During the time that the Bush Administration charged Iraq with collecting weapons of mass destruction, my memory focused on what I'd read in Preston's book, not in the media charges (ad nauseum) that a non-ultra-liberal must of necessity be automatically wrong, no matter what the evidence actually shows.

Hurricane Katrina was gathering its power.  FEMA dispatched officials to southern Louisiana.  But Louisiana's governor and the local mayors dragged their feet until it was too late to properly evacuate everyone.  Soon afterwards the same dishonest media outlets that have lied and distorted news so many, many times came to their defense.  It must have been Bush and FEMA that fouled up.  And still today, probably half of the American people (liberals, i.e. those who don't get out much) probably still think that New Orleans in the wake of Katrina was all Bush's fault.

Gentlemen – again I ask, do you really want America to fall into tyranny?  Honestly, do you think that you will somehow profit?  When you find out the hard way that you can't control the emperor, so you violently replace him or her, the machines of deception and the Praetorian Guards will still be in place.  Ahem, you will have helped to put them there, right?  The replacement guy will then quickly move to have cameras put into your homes.  And then you too will be their victims, not their masters as you foolishly think today.  So much for all of your money providing some security for you.  Remember that you do not control even your own heartbeat nor the number of hairs on your head.

Some say, "The end justifies the means."  No, look historically at the demise of those same pitiful fools who believed such things in the past.  Rather the end is created by the means.  Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.  That is the truth of the matter.

In the history of the world only two countries have built their governments and laws on Biblical principles:  Ancient Israel and Modern America.  The 2-volume book "American Political Writing During the Founding Era 1760-1805," by Lutz & Hyneman, researches some 15,000 public speeches.  These conclusively show that the single most quoted source in public speeches for the first 50 years of the American Republic was: Deuteronomy.  Yes, the fifth book of the Bible, containing The Law of Moses.  America is not like other countries.  We have a unique Judeo-Christian heritage that is swiftly being swept under the carpet. 

In your utopian blindness, seeking to emulate what you think Red China is like, you have lost track of reality.  Read the book "Red China Blues," by Wong sometime.  Or there are many others.  Look at what the P.R. of China really is, for the 1 billion on the outside of their hollow advancement programs.  But you've got that misty puppy-love look in your eyes, thinking that maybe this time (sigh) totalitarianism can somehow be controlled.  Let's have the U.N. give them yet another award for getting humans under control, burying their dreams, aspirations, and potential.  They need "inalienable rights" not something else to hang on the wall.

Many of the Caesars killed their close relatives.  The Nazis (National Socialists, i.e. some of the modern left-wingers) suspended the German constitution and future elections in order to preserve their power.  Soon Germany's rich were following the goose-stepping state.  They still had nice food to eat.  But after this life all men have had to answer to God for what they've done.  What is 50-60 years of nice food and nice clothes compared to an eternity in Hell?  What a bad trade-off they made with their souls.

Why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?  America is precious!  How can you not see that?  But it looks like you will have to learn this the hard way.  And the entire world (humanly speaking) will suffer immensely.  They, ... "they" the unseen spiritual powers of darkness are laughing at you as you do their bidding.  In the next life you won't be congratulated by them.  You are traitors, pushing down others.  No one holds honors for an expired junk yard dog.

A final example of mass deception in the modern news, though many, many others could be cited, would be the Kyoto Accord.  All during the G.W. Bush Administration, for eight years, he personally was blamed for the U.S. not accepting the Kyoto Accord.  You know this is true.  But what the baby food news never mentioned was that back in 1997 the U.S. Senate had rejected Kyoto in a 95-0 vote.  (That's most senators from both parties, now isn't it?)  Honestly, I really don't think that G.W. was alone in his objections.  But you'd never know it from what they tell the gullible members of American society (about half) via the major news outlets.  Bahhh!!

You have the power to change this.  Yet you continue to keep backing the wrong horses.  You have done so since at least the 1930s and 1940s.  This double-standard, the hypocrisy, the falsehood built upon falsehood.  You are being used.  You are being deceived by powerful evil spiritual forces.  Can't you see that?

The ancient Chinese General Sun Tzu said, "All warfare is based on deception."  Is there any bigger deception than being convinced that we are not in a war or that there is no enemy out there - when there definitely is!?  The Bible describes this war plainly.  Planet Earth is a battlefield for human souls, in ethics, morals, mercy, justice, and reason.  This is good versus evil.  We are players in this drama, but also sometimes pawns of those above us (see the oldest book of the Bible, the Book of Job, chapter 1).  We choose our priorities, whether to steal, to give, to show love or not.  Should one admit wrong, control anger, seek justice, or take from the weak?  Not all of us will go on to a reward in the next life (after we leave this "Monopoly" game).  "You can't take it with you," as they say.  Is this all a prelude to a sort of (Dante's) Divine Comedy?  "Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

Another deception in this war is when evil seeks to portray itself as good, and good as evil.  Lucifer does that.  To those whom he reveals himself to he claims that he wants to liberate humanity, unlike Jehovah and all his "Thou shalt nots..."  Is it good to be "bad"?  Isaiah 5:20  "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

When President Jimmy Carter admitted that he had learned more about the Soviets during their invasion of Afghanistan in three weeks than he had learned in the past three years, even some liberals woke up.  In contrast, Ronald Reagan had no illusions all along.  Note that the left-wing continues to embrace Carter, while despising Reagan, an honorable man, not abused by many of the deceptions plaguing liberal President Carter.  Oh yeah, remember "stagflation"?....  (They shrugged and nodded while the country slid into inflation and economic stagnation at the same time.)  Another false vision of reality held by the Carter Administration.

"For the first time in my adult life I am proud of America"?  "The US of KKK-A!"?  Starting the political career from the living room of a well-known domestic terrorist?  All his anti-Constitutional college writings still kept hidden?  What is wrong with this picture?  Big smiles whenever he meets a world dictator?  And he bows deeply before unelected royalty?  And yet ... over half of American voters followed their "feelings" rather than simple facts like these.  Maybe the average citizen is that easy for you guys (and demonic powers) to deceive and lead around.  "All we like sheep have gone astray."  ...How unfortunate.  That does not bode well for the future.

To the "non-global eliters" reading this, ...please note that Jesus said almost nothing negative against the occupying Roman army at the time.  Temporary material possessions are pretty much irrelevant.  Don't dwell too much on them (see Matthew 6:30).  There are always mean and unfair people in the world.  Let's seek to bring them to repentance – for their own sakes.  Or else they are going to Hell.  We are to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

Jesus told of two men (this was not a parable, but it appears to be of two actual men) in Luke 16:19-31.  Lazarus and the former rich man (whose name was not given, as it was not important).  In the next life Lazarus has been cared for (for over 2,000 years now) while the former rich man had his 50-60 years of power.  He now longs for just a drink of water.  That is what Jesus said.

Many of the rich want to squeeze the middle-class and poor, and some of them just consider us unimportant, the "little people" like Lazarus was, the then rich man thought.  They want to force us to submit to their value system that "money makes the world go round" by denying sustenance or self-sufficiency to others.  Maybe it validates "mammon loving" goals.  Jesus said, "Ye cannot serve God and mammon (money)." Matthew 6:24b  Indeed a few of them take delight in crushing the weak.  Again, the opposite value system of "honesty is the best policy" and "better to give..." and as Jesus said: " ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40b)  Such foolish people, to use money as a weapon against others.

Money, the love of money, is a way to pursue control and believed security.  But the God of the Bible wants for us to trust Him instead.  We are not to become more independent, but rather more dependent upon His ability to provide for us.  We are to give to others.  Are you a servant of others?  And willingly so?  Matthew 23:10-12

A person's position in his or her church, temple, or synagogue – rabbi, pastor, priest, elder, deacon, monk, nun, or altar boy – do you think that will impress the God of the Bible?  Think again.  Did Caiaphas' temporal High Priest position impress the Son of God?  Are even popes free from sin?  Are church pastors above temptation?

Who and what are you on the inside?  What is your character?  (Not: What is your position?)

Here is what my Bible says:

From the middle of the Lord's Prayer: (Matthew 6:12)  "And forgive us our debts, AS we forgive our debtors."  [emphasis added]

Ending with:  (Matthew 6:13b-15)  "...For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.  For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:  But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."

Ouch!  Did you read that?  Look it up if you want to confirm this.  On my web site I have the Christian Gospel message in over 50 languages, using only Bible verses.  Man-made religion, "trying to be good enough" does not work.  Instead you need the Creator's solution, the death of Jesus His Son for your sins; you must personally accept his sacrifice in your place for the forgiveness of sins.  You must repent and follow the God of the Bible's leading, rather than the God of this world.

The Christian Gospel Message, in English:

A nation's currency, when not pegged to anything of worth (like gold or silver) becomes malleable.  The U.S. dollar today is like this.  It submits to the whims of its masters, i.e. those who have the power to print more of it.  At this point we could discuss 1913, Jekyll Island, and the Federal Reserve, but all humans, including the "powerful" are still below spiritual forces.

Proverbs 22:3  "A prudent man foresees the evil, and hides himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished."

Folks, we may not be able to turn this around.  If that is the case I sincerely hope you are quietly preparing.  We will need to hide ourselves and others.  A la "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom.  (Or recall the Dark Ages, when most of Europe fell from its former levels of civilization; i.e. multiple countries falling into a kind of insanity, with twisted religious institutions leading the way downward.)

Back in the 1930s in Germany, Italy, and Japan – there were those few who saw the growing insanity but could do nothing about it.  It is true that groups, sometimes even entire countries, can go insane.

Liberals have gone to the personal homes (per Ann Coulter's book, "Guilty," quoted above) and harassed leading conservatives like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.  Liberals often harass and sometimes physically attack a conservative speaker on a campus!  The intolerance of "tolerant liberals" is getting worse in recent years.

Would you please buy a few extra months of canned and dry food now, and the ability to defend yourself and your family from the new Praetorian guard forces that they are now assembling.  And try to get three to six months ahead on prescriptions too in case of generated disruptions by mean people who think it will give them more power, even though they are just the little pawns of the powerful spiritual forces behind them.

Ephesians 6:12  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

The dangers of our destruction are growing.  But the left-wing media focuses instead on stupid things like the supposed rights for increased perverted sex among misled youth.

Besides their plans for the US dollar to come crashing down, there is the very real danger of an EMP attack (electro-magnetic pulse) one day by a rogue state which, if exploded high in the atmosphere, could destroy all electronics in much of the USA within an instant.  One carefully constructed E-bomb, nuclear warhead. Bang.  Poof.  Gone.  No electricity, no fuel pumps work at the gas stations.  No electricity, no water pumps work either.  No electricity, no radio or TV stations to even tell people what happened.  America would be – over.  Haven't heard about this?  Well, our own media has been against us for the past few decades, starting back in the Cold War era.  What else would you expect from them?

Some students of Bible prophecy think that Isaiah 18 is a prediction about America's destruction, prior to the actual end game.  ("Land of wings" – like airplane wings perhaps?  Filled with rivers?  "Terrible, meaning undefeated or powerful from its beginning...?)  There is also Ezekiel 39:6, which some think predicts a nuclear exchange with Magog (Russia).

Satan (a.k.a. Lucifer, the Dragon, or the Devil) wants to be worshiped.  See Isaiah 14 & Ezekiel 28 for more on him.  The 5 "I wills" of Lucifer.  During the Great Tribulation the Bible says that men will worship the Dragon openly.

During Old Testament times the fallen angels sometimes impersonated false gods.  But there is growing evidence that their future deception of choice will be to pretend to be advanced aliens from other planets.  Alien UFO phenomena (or at least supposed sightings) have become routine.  And it is interesting to see how much overlap there is between psychic (calling directly on fallen angels and demonic powers) and modern UFO literature.  Hmm, they seem connected.  "They" want to enter our dreams and our thoughts, agitating, and twisting truths.  They can appear before the fallen man at will.

Acts 19:15  "And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?"  The men were then beaten by the evil spirit hosted within the possessed man.

Since there is still no scientific evidence supporting evolution, but fallen man cannot accept the alternative of special creation at the hand of God, that leaves a serious problem.  Unless ... our "older brothers" from intergalactic star systems come down and proclaim:

(See:  II Peter 3:4)  "... Where is the promise of [Christ's return] his coming? for since the fathers [on distant worlds?] fell asleep [after evolution happened there – poof!, see, no evidence here on Earth], all things continue as they were [uniformitarianism] from the beginning of the creation."

Intelligent Design theory (ID) alone is insufficient.  You see, there are multiple powerful spiritual beings out there.  Some claim things they did not do.  Intelligent design by whom?  When push comes to shove will ID adherents support the God of this world?   Or the God of the Bible?

UFO aliens making false claims would mean – origins handled.  The lack of scientific evidence solved.  They're now going to teach us directly.  First throw out that Holy Bible.  "Let's keep mentally hiding from the God of the Bible."  Now trust us, they'd say.  And the Bible says that the anti-Christ will do wondrous miracles that will deceive many.

These beings can travel even near to us, undetected, unless they want to be noticed!  ...Ghosts, good & bad spirits, good & evil angels.  The rich and powerful among us can be deceived as easily as the poor and the humble.  Actually, probably more so.  "Preach the Gospel to the poor" Jesus taught.  That leaves most of the rich standing without spiritual protection.

Now back to the main letter ....

You (Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, Club of Rome, et cetera),  are now being told to push for a global one child policy.  Of course.  It was easy to see that one coming.  Remember, the God of this World wants humans lessened, weakened, in fear, or outright destroyed.  We are made in the image of the God of the Bible.  Thus the God of this world, Lucifer (a.k.a. Satan or the Devil) hates us.

I encourage you to please use your wealth, position, and power to build up, to help, to enrich the lives and conditions of others.  It is better to give than to receive.  Don't seek to deceive and pull down.  What are you on the inside?

Someday for each of us – after this life is over, after the end of this temporary time of learning and testing, each man and woman – will be judged.  Some go through life with ten talents, some only five, some but two, and some with only one.  What you decide to do with what you have – will be judged by our planet's Owner, i.e. the Creator of the universe.

You can deny gravity, or deny the (distinct possibility of) spiritual realms, or deny that we are in the midst of a colossal spiritual war for souls that now spans 6,000 years worth of human generations.  There is good evidence of the more "dimensions" than we can account for in our inherently limited science.  And as religious folks from many persuasions, down through time, can attest - "they" are out there.  In this battle for souls some of them seek to protect us, others to deceive and to harm us.  SETI, the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence  Ah yeah, "They're here."  Should you lift others up, or pull them down?  You decide this each day in each interaction with other humans.

To consider Christianity on its merits, let me recommend that you sit down and read the Gospel of John; that is the fourth book of what Christians call the New Testament.  If you are holding a complete Bible it is about three-quarters of the way back.  "John" with 21 chapters.  Alternatively, particularly if you are an avowed skeptic, take a look at the book, "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis, who was also author of the Narnia series.

Paul Abramson
Editor of:

"Open Letter to the Global Elite"

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