The initial "Open Letter" (of Oct. 7th) is here.  A few weeks later one
of Discover's Senior Editors wrote back, twice.  I then responded with a
Second Letter.  -None of his reply letters are on-line at this time
(Jan. 2004), though I did ask (see below) if he has any objections to
his letters (or an alternate response) being made available.  No reply
received back yet - as of mid-January.

A Third Letter to the Editors of Discover Magazine

December 19, 2003

114 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Dear Mr. ------,

My initial letter (of October 7th) to your fine publication was an "Open Letter" and as such it is now posted on my web site, within the English "articles" section.  (None of your replies are posted though.)  I did not know whether I would receive a reply to my original letter or not.

I do not doubt the sincerity of your convictions nor your publication's quality of research, as based upon scientific consensus.  Thank you for your brief reply of December 15th.  Though you probably did not intend it as such, it clarifies my resolve to show evolution as fundamentally religious.  And this if you will recall was my original complaint to Discover.  When the robes of respectable science quietly conceal the values within particular religious beliefs (whether or not respectable) this affects a society's future course for good or for evil.

After receiving your (Dec. 15th) letter and thinking about it last evening I wrote a short quiz: Is Evolution a Religion?  A copy of this is enclosed and it will be on my web site for free download shortly.

I attended the Berkeley City Council meeting a few evenings ago.  Kwanzaa is the only holiday that this city plans to recognize this season (and perhaps New Years too); but Kwanzaa was the only one mentioned to be celebrated by that forum.  Sad.  This city sincerely believes that evolution took place and that in time "man invented god" with attendant categorical beliefs; it thus takes its anti-religion very seriously.

Ironically, some 7-8 seminaries are on "Holy Hill" above the U.C. Berkeley campus.  In the world, I do not know of any similar cluster of so many disparate religious training institutions located all together  But I also don't know of a single saved professor within any of them.  Evolution (as part of the problem) has taken a toll, by changing mental perceptions of ancient human history.  Evolution teaches god (if extant) to be weak, unfair, and standing idly by for millions of years while the less fit don't survive.  A history that never truly happened.  But modern man has come to believe that it happened, and that radically changes any theology.

Would you allow me to post your reply letters within  They would be unedited, just as you wrote them, in sequence.  If you do not write back with specific permission or you would not agree to this - then I will not post them.  The option is yours, if you'd like your words of reply represented or not.  My three letters to you (Oct. 7, Dec. 4 & Dec. 19), in their entirety, will be posted if folks are interested in reading my comments.  Alternatively, I would be willing to post an academic response from you, within my web site.  It would be your words (or those of your designate), unedited, if this would help to educate the many weekly visitors to  I am in favor of positive debate and reasoned discourse on this important matter of our origins.  For years I have openly linked to leading institutions and web sites on both sides of the creation-evolution debate.

Happy Holidays,

Paul Abramson
P.O. Box (moved)
Berkeley, CA. 94---(moved)

NOTE: I received one last reply from the senior editor, declining my offer to post a defense of his preferred theory and asking that his name not be used.  Very well.  I have respected his wishes.)

"Open Letter to Discover #3"

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