William R. Corliss - The Sourcebook Project

There is a very interesting set of books by a scientist who recorded anomalies for most of his life.  He was not a creationist.  But his books have lots of intriguing scientific information and outright scientific anomalies!  (Note that he was not a creationist.)  Mr. Corliss (passed away in 2013) appears to be trying to just report the evidence whether it fits with some theory or not, i.e. he is doing good scientific research.

If you are looking for some "undiscovered" science, take a look at his unique set of books.  They can be expensive, but they are filled with fastinating wonders.  All books are well documented.

William R. Corliss -- The Sourcebook Project -- http://www.science-frontiers.com

"William R. Corliss - The Sourcebook Project"

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